Welcome to Public Health Engineering Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
PHED came into being to provide clean drinking water, hygiene facilities and a healthy environment to the public. It was originally established as a secondary branch in 1974 which was merged with Communication and Works Department in 2001. However, after…....
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Minister Message
Everybody knows the importance of PHED. It is a fact that the province is grappling with the menace of terrorism and other challenging circumstances. The situation has badly affected the infrastructure of the department. It is essential not only to revamp the ... View Details
Secretary Message Mr. Nizam-ud-Din
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Designation Contact / Extension Email Address
Minister 091-9211189 / 9210894
Chief Engineer South 091-9212984
Chief Engineer North 091-9211554
PS to Secretary 091-9212849
Deputy Secretary (Admin) 091-9223426
Deputy Director (TECH) 091-9214213
Director P&M 091-9223425
SO (E) 091-9210857
S.O (B&A) 091-9214214
S.O (LIT) 091-9223432
Section Officer (Tech) 091-9210876
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